Exploring with AroundMe

Passing through an unfamiliar city? Traveling on vacation? Or, are you just really lost? All of these problems can be easily solved with a fantastic iPad app called AroundMe.

AroundMe can instantly point you in the direction of local hot spots at the touch of a finger. AroundMe is a free app available for the iPad or the iPhone through iTunes. This app is a fantastic, convenient directory of every restaurant, gas station, movie theatre, hotel, or coffee shop in your area. It is an excellent way to learn your surroundings and explore a new area.
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Top 5 iPad Travel Apps – Summer edition

With summer in full swing, many of us are able to take time away from work for vacations or mini trips. No matter the time frame or the distance, there’s an app that will help make your next trip more enjoyable and convenient! Here are the top 5 best apps for traveling during the summer. There are apps for everything from finding gas to booking hotel stays! Continue reading →

The History of Jazz: an iPad Feast for the Senses. (Buy it now while it’s on sale!)

Somewhere between a lovingly sculpted scrapbook and an interactive infographic, The History of Jazz brings a whole musical genre to life. From its century-old roots in ragtime up to present day artists, you’ll enjoy a tactile and fluid interface. Names, songs, and faces come alive; woven together into a family tree of sorts. The elements that make this app fabulous also make it a bit niche, though. So keep reading to find out if this iPad app is for you! Continue reading →

NBC Live for iPad: Shooting for the Stars…and Falling

What is NBC Live? Let me set the stage for you. Picture a modern cyber pajama party where people of all ages come together on common ground: television. With our lazy bones curled up on couches – or sprawled on beds like tweens gossiping with besties – we watch TV together as a nation and react in real time. NBC Live provides the chat host, a multitude of fun facts and some quiz questions, and you bring the carefree banter. But…this is 2011. Can anything really be as cute and fun as that? I’ll give you the run down as I see it. Get your bunny slippers and come with me! Continue reading →

TuneIn Radio for iPad: Music On Demand, Baby!

TuneIn Radio is easily one of the best apps on my iPad. At the crazy price of $0.99, it still blows away all the other radio apps I’ve tried. In an era where media is increasingly delivered on-demand, TuneIn Radio provides some of that nostalgic radio experience, with all the bells and whistles we expect from our devices today. Listen to local FM stations from around the world, Internet streams and podcasts, or Talk radio. The feature list reads like my grandmother’s grocery lists – oh, delicious anticipation. And boy, it delivers. But the top selling feature for me was hands down the ability to record, so we’ll start there. Continue reading →

TED for iPad: You’re Just Minutes Away from a New Perspective

Let’s play a game. Count how many chores you do on a daily basis. For me, that includes dishes, folding laundry, making lunches – I could go on but you get the point. Each of us has them. And if you’re like me, your brain is usually absent during these mind-numbing tasks. Well, I have a great free tip for you today: TED for iPad. It brings 5 to 20-minute lectures – on everything you can imagine – directly to your frontal cortex. I guarantee your brain will perk up, and you might just start looking forward to those daily chores. Of course, you don’t need to conjure up an excuse to watch TED talks! Continue reading →

Must-see iPad Projects at Kickstarter.com

It’s a match made in heaven – iPad fans and the entrepreneurial spirit meet up in cyberspace – and everyone wins! The crowd-funding site Kickstarter.com is where it’s all going down. Recently, while searching their site for iPad projects, I came across dozens of ideas for everything from cases to apps. These are the projects that really rang my bell: Continue reading →

1 Year Anniversary Giveaway! 6 Awesome iPad Apps for free!

Contest is closed, and winners have been randomly chosen.

Congratulations to Joanne Schultz, Jules McNubbin, and J.Hale for winning the contest.

Thanks to everyone for participating!

We’re gearing up to celebrate our 1-year anniversary here at iPad Apps Hub. In fact, we’re so excited we’re getting an early start! Be on the lookout for a series of giveaways leading up to April. And we’re starting out with the game genre: these 6 games will keep you occupied until the next round of giveaways, for sure. Continue reading →

Sand Slides for iPad: The Honest Review

Clocking in at #1 of the Top Free Apps this week is Sand Slides, a puzzle game for iPad. Sand Slides is pure, simple fun that can adapt to everyone’s level. I’ll concede: it has poorly ported graphics on the iPad version, and a few interface issues. But nonetheless, it’s a catchy concept that will relax and infuriate you at both ends of the spectrum. Download it while it’s free! And like usual, we’ll go into the caveats and gameplay hints, so stick around. Continue reading →

How to Read Library E-books on the iPad – A Tutorial

We’re taking a short break from straight app reviews to walk you through how to load a library e-book on your iPad. Sounds like it would be straightforward, but no so. The topic came up through a comment thread on an earlier post, and I felt it was worth sharing. This is kind of a janky method – but the app suggested by libraries does not work on iPad. So until they fix it, or a credible book rental service comes on the scene – this is a good workaround. The solution I’m presenting today uses a free app called Bluefire, and I’ll run through what you need to start enjoying free e-books on your iPad! Continue reading →

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